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Mobile Veterinary Ophthalmology Service in Sydney

Veterinary care in Australia is always evolving. With continued advances in medicine and technology that become available to veterinarians, diagnostic and treatment options available for veterinary patients continue to develop. With these advances, veterinary medicine has seen increasing numbers of veterinary specialists, and veterinarians with special interests working within a particular discipline, similar to medicine in the medical field.

Veterinary ophthalmology is the discipline that addresses diseases and conditions of the eye. It involves the medical and surgical care of the eyes, eyelids and adnexa (the tissues around the eyes).  A complete and thorough examination of a structure as small and important as the eye requires specialised equipment. Furthermore, diagnostic testing and treatment modalities are often specialised for ophthalmology. Having this equipment available is expensive. This Vet makes the provision of advanced eye care more achievable by working with veterinarians in general practices throughout Sydney to provide ophthalmology services to their clients and patients. This Vet  is a service provided by a veterinarian with years of experience as a veterinarian, and working as a veterinarian with veterinary ophthalmologists. This Vet aims to provide an ophthalmology service that caters to veterinary patients throughout Sydney, bridging the gap between the services in general and speciality practice, and making the advanced eye care of animal's eyes more affordable and accessible for pet owners throughout the greater Sydney region.

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Our Vision

At This Vet we endeavour to make high quality care of animal eyes more readily available in veterinary practices throughout Sydney. By offering routine and emergency medical and surgical ophthalmology services in your local veterinary hospital, This Vet aims to bridge the gap between general practice and specialist ophthalmology services, making some of the advanced techniques more affordable to a greater number of veterinarians, pet owners, and most importantly, animals. In this way, we are able to enhance the welfare of animals, and continue to foster the human-animal bond between pet owners and their pets.


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Dr Kathleen Graham

BVSc(First Class Hons) MVS MANZCVS PhD

Kathleen obtained a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with first class honours from the University of Sydney in 2005. She has worked in private small animal practice throughout NSW and Queensland as a general practitioner and as an emergency and critical care veterinarian. After obtaining a Master of Veterinary Studies in Small Animal Practice at Murdoch University, and obtaining Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in the Emergency and Critical Care chapter, Kathleen completed a rotating internship, and then ophthalmology internship at a referral hospital. Kathleen has worked with veterinary ophthalmologists in Australia and overseas since 2012, and in 2019 completed a PhD on glaucoma (a painful and potentially blinding disease) in dogs. 

Kathleen is passionate about veterinary ophthalmology, animal welfare, and making high quality care of animal eye diseases more affordable for pet owners. With a strong interest in clinical research and translational medicine, Kathleen is keen to work with veterinarians to help animals with all types of eye diseases and conditions. 

Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem.

- A.A. Milne (Winne the Pooh)


For every referral, every consultation, and every procedure we undertake, we strive to deliver quality medical, surgical​ and consulting services with excellence. 

We incorporate fear free techniques to minimise the stress on animals (and their humans!).

An important part of our service is the provision of timely and complete referral notes for each animal's regular veterinarian, and discharge summaries and information handouts for the pet owner to help with your understanding of their pet's condition. By working as a team with an animal's regular veterinarian and owner, we maximise the chances of obtaining the best possible outcome for each animal we care for.