• Kathleen Graham

Millie - breaking ground in glaucoma treatment

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

4 year old Millie was diagnosed with glaucoma in her right eye. When medication was no longer working to keep the eye comfortable, Millie became the first patient to receive a new surgical implant designed to lower the pressure inside her eye and keep her comfy.

In November 2019, Millie underwent surgery with Dr Graham and a team of doctors including A/Professor Andrew White who heads the Ophthalmology Department at Sydney's busy Westmead Hospital. Millie's surgery went well, and she has not needed any glaucoma medication since surgery which is very exciting given the intraocular pressure (pressure inside her eye) was too high before surgery despite being on several glaucoma medications four times every day.

Today, with a pain-free eye, Millie remains ball obsessed, the doting 'big sister' to a boisterous young kitten, the perfect housemate to Jenkins the more mature cat in the household, and the perfect dog for her family of humans.

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